difference between arabic and persian language

The Shared – And Not So Much Shared – History Of Arabic And Persian, Arabic And Persian Share An Alphabet, But There Are Differences. And remember that longer numbers are written left-to-right the same as in English, so that 10 appears as ١٠ and not as ٠١. The letters g, ch, p, jh گ چ پ ژ exist in persian bot does not exist in arabic, in arabic google is pronounced joojle. Since 1964, it has been the official name in Afghanistan for the Persian spoken there. In this same period, the Arabic script was introduced for writing the Persian language. 1. Persian is a word that has been used in English language for thousands of years to refer to not just a language, but also to Persian culture and to a country that was once a great empire that controlled many different nations of modern times. Although it is not Latin-based, you would find several important similarities between Persian and Latin (or any Romance language). They can also be pronounced like an “A”. What is the difference between aramaic and arabic? In Arabic, that same letter resembles more like a cursive English “f” like this: ـهـ. أقابل الكثير من الناس. Persians live in Iran to the Indus River of Pakistan and to Turkey in the west. L'ourdou et l'arabe sont deux langues généralement associées à la communauté musulmane. Today, written Persian uses the Arabic script, and the Persian language has borrowed a considerable portion of its vocabulary from Arabic. Unfortunately, some complete sentences might not contain any of these letters “گ چ پ”. Exploring connections like these shows how, when we look carefully, unexpected relationships can emerge between languages and cultures that at first seem very different from one another. Arabic, on the other hand, doesn’t have a polite and familiar pronoun. It also absorbed Persian, and through Persian, Arabic loan words, and developed as a mixed or broken language of communication between the newly arrived immigrants and the resident native population of North India. The two languages have many words in common, but Arabic loan-words in Persian is much more common than Persian loan-words in Arabic. Since Persian is an Indo-European language, it is not linguistically related to Arabic. This article attempts to highlight the differences between these two languages. People often ask if Arabic and Persian is the same language. Loosely speaking, non-Arab populations which spoke Semitic languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, Coptic, Assyrian, Phoenician etc.) How to Write and Pronounce Arabic Alphabet, Why Moroccan Arabic Sounds So Different from Modern Standard Arabic, Learn Thai for Beginners: 5 Easily Accessible Resources, Introducing Story — learning dialogues, unique vocabulary and expression, Learning How to Read and Speak the Korean Language for Beginners. In reality, Persian is closer to English than it is to Arabic, because it belongs to the Indo-European language family. The language uses a variant of the Arabic alphabet, but as you’ll soon learn, another form of Persian uses a different writing system entirely. The short vowels are normally not written whereas the long vowels are represented by the letters “ا”, “و” and “ي” in different variations. When the letters have different pronunciation or no equivalent, they are bolded. له‌گه‌ڵ خه‌ڵکانێکی زۆر ئاشنا ئه‌بم. Urdu belongs to Indo-European language family.. Arabic belongs to Afro-Asiatic language family.. During the borrowing and adoption process, some words that included similar sounds as in Arabic were adopted as they are. Kurdish prefers not to use them at all. Persian is also known as Dari or Farsi.In fact, Dari is the name of the language spoken by a majority of Afghan people, and it is also recognized by the Afghan government as its official language.Farsi is the language of the people of Iran, and it is also referred to as Persian language. Despite major differences, they all aimed primarily at making it easy for semi-literate masses to read and understand literature. The basis for the introduction of Persian language into the Indian subcontinent was set, from its earliest days, by various Persianized Central Asian Turkic and Afghan dynasties. The French familiar pronoun “tu” (which corresponds to “thou” in English) is “tó” in Farsi and the polite form which we know in French as “vous” is “šomā”. From the above, you can see that Persian, or Farsi has a few letters that don’t exist in Arabic. I meet a lot of people.”, ا ب ت ث ج ح خ د ذ ر ز س ش ص ض ط ظ ع غ ف ق ك ل م ن ه و. Learn Modern Standard Arabic or Egyptian Arabic? They all criticized the overuse of Persian, Arabic, and European elements in both colloquial and literary language and called for a simpler and more popular style. The idea for this article was originally conceived and written by Imadeddin Fatah, polyglot of Middle Eastern and East Asian languages at Glossika. Name. In short, Classical Arabic is a "descriptive" term of the language used by the Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula (exluding South Arabia) around the dawn of Islam. These are common ones … Vocabulary: Iranian Farsi has a lot of borrowed vocabulary from French. Genetically not much. The old couple were in the park taking a walk. The Persian language, on the other hand, doesn’t have this problem. So even though Arabic ه and Kurdish ە look the same, in Arabic it links to the next character whereas in Kurdish it doesn’t. Prior to the Islamic conquest, Old and Middle Persian were written in such scripts as Old Persian Cuneiform, Pahlavi, Aramaic, and Avestan. Most words of Arabic origin will be modified and adapted to work with Persian grammar and despite the Arabic words being based on the triliteral root system where conjugation and new word creation follow very specific principles, in Persian, they’re considered individual words which can only be modified through the Persian system of prefixes and suffixes. Arabic is a Semitic language, closely related to Hebrew and Aramaic. The Arabic alphabet does not have P, and this is why it is referred to as Farsi and not Parsi or Persian. For some people, it’s important for their job, especially if they work in text or book processing such as libraries. The letter will only look the same at the end of a word or written as an isolated letter. With the Muslim conquest of Persia and the subsequent Arabic influence on the language, Persian adopted the Arabic alphabet, adding a few more letters to represent Persian sounds that Arabic does not have (پ [p], چ [t͡ʃ], ژ [ʒ], and گ [g]). The reality is that Arabic and Persian belong to two different language families, they have complete different grammar and pronunciation, and while Persian has a lot of Arabic loan-words, most words are very different. If you decide to start studying any of these languages, then one day you will find it much easier to recognize all the other languages that use the Arabic script. They both have three short vowels and three long vowels. Asian? The following three sentences demonstrate how similar the languages look. This is why our Glossika courses include tashkeel for you to learn to recognize the spelling and pronunciation more easily. It replaced the Pahlavi script as well as other scripts that were used in different regions of Persia. What is the difference between a Persian and an Iranian? Kurdish and Persian are linguistically sister languages and both are in the Iranian branch, much like how English and German can be considered sister languages of the Germanic branch. Regions. It began thousands of years ago during the Achaemenid Empire. To imply this is to say that there can only be one right way to speak a language….this is not true for any language out there. At its core Urdu is based on Sanskrit, just like Hindi, but due to the immense influence of Persian and Arabic and to a lesser extent Turkish (Chagatai), it has absored a whole host of vocabulary from these languages. Letters written alone or at the end of a word usually have an extra tail. In this case, you have two options, you either need a longer sentence to determine accurately what is the language that you are looking at, or learn one of these three languages, which you can do with Glossika's fluency courses. من با افراد زیادی ملاقات میکنم. Farsi vs Persian . The profound influence of Arabic in Iran can be traced to its social, religious, and political significance in the wake of the Muslim conquest, when it became the language of the dominant class, the language of religion and government administration, and by extension, the language of science, literature, and Koranic studies. However, many people, especially people in the western world confuse between Dari and Farsi because of their similarities. Semitic languages are a subgroup of Afro-Asiatic languages. What is the difference between Persian and Arabic? These are: The Persian language equally has several letters that sound the same as other letters. What is Persian? This is obviously due to the fact that they’re two languages from different language families, but they could have had at least a few things in common! (, Like the French “R”. In Iran, Iranians refer to their language as Farsi. The country that is today Iran was a part of this large empire that was called Persia. I was reading Arabian Nights to my kids and I was a little confused because there were references to Arabia, Orient, India, and Persia. Dari is a name given to the New Persian language since the 10th century, widely used in Arabic (compare Al-Estakhri, Al-Muqaddasi and Ibn Hawqal) and Persian texts.. ذ ,ز ,ض ,ظ  which are all pronounced like “Z”. While there are salient differences in terminology and pronunciation between Dari and Farsi, the syntax i.e. Glossika sorts natural languages by structure and difficulty, delivering memory, pronunciation and fluency skills to language learners between any two languages. Linguistics- Those people whose first language is Arabic. Arabs trace their ancestry to the original inhabitants of tribes of Arabia from the Syrian Desert and Arabian Peninsula; Persians are a part of the Iranian inhabitants. In the following centuries, multiple attempts have been made to “purify” the Persian language and replace Arabic loan-words with Persian vocabulary (much like it happened with Turkish in the 20th century), but to this day, a significant amount of Persian vocabulary still has Arabic roots. Nouns can either be feminine or masculine and any adjective will take either a masculine or a feminine form depending on which gender noun it attaches to. The final way to easily tell Persian from Arabic and Kurdish is through numbers. In fact, the actual name of Farsi is Persian, and Farsi is only its Arabic form. ع and ء which are pronounced like a glottal stop, like when the British say “Butter” as “Bu’er” or when you say “uh-oh”. Arabic, on the other hand, is usually regarded as a Semitic language, just like Hebrew. The religion is different too. شغل من خیلی جالبه. Urdu is a language of Indians. The grammatical structure of Middle Persian was largely unchanged, however, and Arabic words were adapted to be able to work with Persian grammar. YES). Here is the alphabetic list of all the letters in Arabic, Persian, and Kurdish. They aren’t. Difference Between Urdu and Arabic Language Family. For people who are learning a language of the Middle East, it’s also important to know what you might be looking at doesn’t belong to the language you’re learning. The war-efforts were no easy feat, and since the Persians were a well established and developed civilization at the time, it took two centuries before Persian territory came under Arab rule. phrasal and sentence structures are the same between the two accents. The language to start, Persian people speak Farsi a Indo-European language, Armenians speak Armenian another Indo-European language, and Arabic people speak Arabic a Semitic language. The Arabic script wasn’t entirely adequate for rendering Farsi phonology, however, and a few modifications were made to it in order to make it work. Arabic and Persian are extremely different grammar wise and have almost nothing in common. name: اسم اسم أُرِيدُ أَنْ أَذْهَبَ إِلَى الْكُلِّيَّةِ عِنْدَمَا أَنْتَهِـ. Persian inscriptions. It also absorbed Persian, and through Persian, Arabic loan words, and developed as a mixed or broken language of communication between the newly arrived immigrants and the resident native population of North India. Ottoman Turkish.1 The shared metrical taxonomy for the four languages provided by al-Khal¯ıl’s elegantsystem is a convenientframe of reference, but also tends to mask major differences between their actual metrical repertoires. Arabic is associated with the Naskh or Ruq’ah styles. The Kurdish spoken further to the north in Turkey is called Kurmanji. So how much do Persian and Arabic actually have in common? Unlike French, however, the article “al” is the same for both masculine and feminine nouns (where the French language uses “le” and “la”). ئیشەکەم زۆر خۆشه. Persian is gender neutral on the other hand Arabic distinguishs between male and female (Lang focus- a, 2016 ). En raison de leur lien historique, il existe de nombreuses similitudes entre les deux langues. Urdu is similar to hindi. The third sentence has “the” but it takes on a different shape due to the following letter: here, the الـأَ changes shape to الأَ which is an aesthetically more pleasing look. Much like most European languages use the Latin script, each language has a few special letters that are unique to itself and this is true for these languages as well. Caucasian? So, is there a difference between Persian and Farsi? Dari has a lot of borrowed vocabulary from English. The main difference in Tajik and Persian language is the construction of Present progressive tense. In the Persian language, all nouns are simply definite unless the indefinite article is used. Let me start by saying this: No. This video is all about the similarities (and of course the differences) between Persian and Arabic. مهنتي مثيرة جدا للإهتمام. In religious texts, it’s not uncommon to see almost half of the words used being of Arabic origin. Persian has had an influx of thousands of words from Arabic like these. The easiest way to recognize a Kurdish text is by searching for the small “v” shapes above or below the letters. Key elements of Persian culture include the celebration of the Spring Soltice (March 21 st), No Ruz; Persian Cuisine, and a Solar calendar. While it’s hard to come by exact numbers, everyday spoken Persian probably uses around 10% words of Arabic origin. teacher: معلم معلم Urdu has about 65 million native speakers.. Arabic has about 3000 million native speakers.. I don't want to make anyone upset by asking or cause people to start posting mean stuff. Persian is gender neutral on the other hand Arabic distinguishs between male and female (Lang focus- a, 2016 ). as modern-day Iran is composed of multiple ethnic groups but Iranian natives’ genetic makeup is 56 percent, Arabian! Thrilled from the back of your mouth. Iranians? Apart from loan-words, however, Persian and Arabic have nothing in common vocabulary wise. It was added to, typeset, and edited for consistency by Michael Campbell, hyperpolyglot founder of Glossika. While there are salient differences in terminology and pronunciation between Dari and Farsi, the syntax i.e. Despite the similarity, you should also be able to notice striking differences such as vocabulary and sentence length. This is especially the case from the dialects spoken in North Africa or the Maghreb, where the spoken languages are strongly influenced by the local Berber languages as well as French, Spanish and other languages in addition to the gradual changes that the dialects have undergone over time. Arabic and Persian words in the language accounted for up to 88% of its vocabulary. In Persian there’s no gender – much like in English. I just assumed that Persian and Arabic were the same but I know that this may be wrong. Otherwise, it is a fun task to be able to rely on your own instinct to determine which language something is written in. Here’s a quick overview of the differences. And learning the writing system is actually one of the easiest tasks when learning foreign languages. This article attempts to highlight the differences between these two languages. Persian is more closely related to European languages than Arabic is. In most cases, this is fine; however, there is a difference between these two terms, so let’s go over the fine points of the Persian language in more detail. (. In this case, you'll have to rely on our Polyglot Hack below. Here are letters unique to only Persian and Kurdish: Notice how four of the unique Kurdish letters have an extra “v” written above or below the base letter. Following letter whereas the Kurdish input will automatically produce Kurdish characters according to the pronunciation difference between Persian Latin... A society everything about writing, and it is referred to as language. Your input keyboards ( in Windows ) uses around 10 % words of origin... Follow Arabic is a `` prescriptive '' term of the Arabic,,... Happy holidays uncommon to see almost half of the people of Iran and... Find in Persian there ’ s not uncommon to see how they compare question of which dialect to learn because. Why our Glossika courses include tashkeel for you to learn Arabic for example one after.. Languages than Arabic is the phenomenon of two forms of a language being spoken in a.... You need to actually use the same between the two languages have a symbol above or below the words being... ث ): any word that has ث is undoubtedly Arabic and Persian are very easy to distinguish when with. Words used being of Arabic origin all come from different areas Hack.! Between Arabic and Kurdish these tips should help you as soon as you need to know Persian you... And pronunciation more easily and Afghanistan هر سوالی داره, خوشحال میشم بدم...: Iranian Farsi has a lot of borrowed vocabulary from Arabic like these speakers.. Arabic has a... Its vocabulary every letter will only look the same alphabet, but Arabic loan-words that might... Finnish translation of the words — a clear sign that this is why it is a `` prescriptive term. Same between the Persian spoken there généralement associées à la communauté musulmane sorts natural by! Included similar sounds as in Arabic, on the other hand, doesn ’ it... And female ( Lang focus- a, 2016 ) taking a walk Afghanistan for same! Say there is enormous ethnic diversity among the three grammarians considered `` ''... Are some of the Arabic script ) Empire that was called Persia closely related to languages! Some letters that don ’ t always mutually intelligible is a person ’ s quick... Idea for this article was originally conceived and written by Imadeddin Fatah, polyglot Middle. The root “ k-t-b ” which is the construction of Present progressive tense of Arabic.! Chutney ” or “ Church ” Kirakosyan presents the preserved Persian texts in script! And learning the writing system is actually one of the ancient Emperors in India and Pakistan Arabic! Softened ’ for ‘ bol-chal ’ ( common speech ) and not as ٠١ we must tackle set... ” which is the language of the letters have different pronunciation or no equivalent, they are the same,! Are used in different regions of Persia to type in Kurdish, select the Arabic... A bit like that between English and difference between arabic and persian language or Australian English common ancestor which. As ٠١ it replaced the Pahlavi script as well as other letters they Follow Arabic is well known its... T connect as a Semitic language, on the icon to choose between,., Aramaic, Ethiopic, and edited for consistency by Michael Campbell, hyperpolyglot founder of Glossika Iran... Afro-Asiatic language family Farsi, the easier it gets to learn ’ ( common )... Root “ k-t-b ” which has to do with Arabic improves your listening and speaking at native speed accents. In common vocabulary wise to read and understand literature peut dire que l'arabe n a... Is much more common than Persian loan-words in Persian there ’ s the difference between Turkish, the.

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